Parties are always fun but it can be quite a headache to plan a successful party. It involves putting in a lot of time and effort. Bringing inflatables to your party is a great way to spice up the event and ensure that the kids have fun. Yes, HJY-TOYS knows that you wish to entertain the kids and it is important that you select the right inflatables that match your budget, the ages of the kids, as well as, the available space. Here are five key steps to choosing inflatables for kids –

Consider the number of kids attending

The first step to take is to determine the number of kids attending the party. This basically depends on the type of event being organized. At HJY-TOYS, we have a wide range of inflatables that can match every age group. With our inflatables, every kid at the event can get to have fun. If you are hosting just a small gathering such as a birthday at your backyard, you might be expecting about 10 to 20 children. However, an event at the school or church will have between 100 and 200 kids. Therefore, put all of these into consideration when selecting units that will match the age groups of the kids.

Consider the kid’s average ages

If you are expecting little kids, then, inflatables that could get them scared are not recommended such as a tall slider. Since little kids have a thing for jumping about, it would be more ideal to go for a bounce house. You can, also, opt for a combo unit which has a smaller slide. For kids that are quite older and above the age of 12, you can rent inflatables for them too. However, taller units will be more ideal because smaller inflatables will cause them to lose interest sooner than later.

Consider whether parents will be entertained too

You need to analyze what kind of event you are hosting and determine if the parents are to be entertained too. Apart from inflatables for kids, we, also, have inflatables that can be used to entertain grown-ups too. No matter the age of the people attending your party, from toddlers to adults, we have inflatables that will keep them immersed in so much fun. Simply check out our collection to find the best inflatables that you need to spice up your event.

Consider the amount of space available

How big is the spacing in your yard or at the venue for your events? Have you considered how much area you need to get your inflatable setup? We have inflatables that come in various sizes and that require different setup area sizes. The kind of inflatable you should purchase should be determined by how big or small the setup area is. To do this effectively, simply decide the particular area that you consider ideal to set up your inflatable and then, take a measurement. This will help you to select a unit which fits the measured area perfectly. Also, since inflatables happen to be tall, you need to put into consideration the area above and check if there are any obstacles that will prevent the unit from being set up.

Your budget

Inflatables offer great fun to kids at your event and come in different price ranges. You need to consider what your budget looks like and tailor it to an inflatable unit that matches it perfectly.

These steps can help you to select inflatables for kids appropriately that will ensure that they stay entertained at your event.

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