Are you looking to import industrial popcorn machines from China? Then, you are not alone. Many people are also looking to import them too. However, one of the major problems which they face is not knowing the stages to follow in order to successfully complete the importation process. If you are in this situation, then you would be delighted to learn about these stages right here in this article. Here are some of the stages;

Import rights

Depending on where you are in the world, you would have to know the rights given to you as an importer in your country. Since an industrial popcorn machine would most likely be used for commercial purposes or would be resold, most of the laws which guide importation in a particular country would most likely also apply to you. It is important to remember that you do not always have the discretion to decide which machines would be regarded as personal use. That decision would most likely depend on the customs authority in your land.

Know the particular popcorn machines you want to import

The next step would be to pinpoint the particular popcorn machine that you would like to import. This would depend on your personal preference. It is important that you get it right, if you do not, you might actually have to reimport it again. This would only lead to a loss of time and much-needed funds.

Hence, before you actually import any popcorn machines, try to make sure you have as much information as you can on the machines. This would ensure that you have no single regret after the importation is done and completed.


It is also important to make sure that the popcorn machines are all permitted and allowed in the country which you intend to import them to. While this should not be a problem as regards the popcorn machine, it is still advisable to check for the goods which have been prohibited by your country. Also, remember that you are responsible for any error or mistake you to make when it comes to obeying the rules and regulations.


The next stage would be to make sure that you classify your popcorn machine and calculate the cost of importation. It is important that you also determine the particular tariff number which your goods fall under. The essence of checking this is to ensure that you know the rate that you would have to pay when you are importing the machine. Here are some other things you should put into consideration when you are analyzing the cost;

  • Ensure that the price of the product has been communicated to you well before the importation takes place. This is to ensure that there is no disagreement later on about the price
  • Ensure that all the charges of the shipment are gotten. You can normally get this from a freight forwarder or a freight forwarding company.
  • Other things which you would have to consider and get include the duty and tax, clearance from customs and other necessary documents. All this should be in your warehouse for safe-keeping.

It is also important to consider the medium in which you want to transfer your popcorn machine. It is important to decide if it would be by air or by ship. This should be one of the first things you should consider.


Getting an industrial popcorn machine could be perfect for commercial business. Getting the importation stages right would be necessary to ensure that you do not face any problems later on after the process is complete.

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