If you are considering importing inflatables for kids, there are important related pieces of information that you need to know about. In countries such as the united states, toys are seen to be products that are made to be used specifically by children from 12 years of age and below. The importation of inflatable toys comes with some rules and safety regulations that must be adhered to. Basically, every product meant for children that come in from abroad has to be certified by the authorities to show that it matches the standards set out in regulations for children’s products.

it is required that inflatable toys be tested by a third party to ascertain if they align with safety guidelines. Then again, the level of chemicals that can cause potential harm like lead are evaluated along with the durability of the inflatables.

As soon as the inflatable products for children have passed through the testing stage, the important is expected to tender a certificate which shows that the inflatables meet the required safety standards. Before the inflatable toys make it into the intended country, the products need to be accompanied by the certification.

Apart from this certificate showing that the inflatables meet the required safety standards, the manufacturer is expected to attach a tracking label on the products. The attachment is expected to be permanent and is preferably done on the inflatable itself. A tracking label is expected to contain the following basic requirements

  • The date and the location where the inflatables were produced
  • Identifying characteristics such as the batch number and the rules number
  • A distinct mark from the manufacturer for the easy location of the product’s source.

The standards that are placed on inflatables to be used by infants and toddlers are even stricter. It is expected that the products match all of these standards and the regulations are set to protect little kids from interacting with the products in a way that puts them at risk of developing health complications. If it is found that any part of the inflatable boats infants or toddlers at the risk of choking or even inhaling something hazardous, then, the inflatable toy will be banned.

The inflatables are, also, expected to have a registration card which helps to enhance the recall effectiveness. This card is required to the attached on the product’s surface and here are details to be included –

  • The name of the manufacturer, as well as, the relevant contact information
  • Model name of the product
  • The model number of the product and other necessary identifiers
  • Manufacturing date

It is expected that provision be made on the registration card so that consumers can provide information about themselves. Then again, the manufacturer needs to make a provision for consumers to register online if they so choose. If there are any safety issues, the manufacturer is expected to use those records to notify the consumers.

Apart from safety certifications, other considerations are copyright, as well as, trademark infringement in the importation of inflatables. If the inflatable being imported conflicts with the copyright of another entity, you need to provide proof that you are licensed to import the products. Before any products are imported into a country, it is thoroughly checked out to ensure that it does not go against the copyright laws of the country. After all the necessary checks have been carried out and the inflatable toys for children are deemed as an infringement on the copyright of another entity, such product will not be permitted into the country.

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